TeeMcBee Image Consulting Joins Breaking Belgium

TeeMcBee Image Consulting Joins Breaking Belgium


It’s my pleasure to announce the addition of TeeMcBee Image Consulting as a personal sponsor of myself and of Breaking Belgium. TeeMcBee, the brainchild of Traci McBride, specializes in business image consultation in cooperation with small business owners in North Eastern Ohio, including her and my hometown of Avon Lake. 

Conducting focus groups, on-site evaluations and secret shopping as well as interviewing business clients, employees and owner/operators, TeeMcBee finds any potential complications with businesses and works with her clients to find the best possible solutions. Whether you want to find new clients, locate trouble areas that are prevalent in all businesses, or even introduce your clients to new products or services, TeeMcBee can help you achieve success. 

I’m proud for TeeMcBee to be on board of Breaking Belgium and helping me make my experience in Belgium that much easier. Recognizing the potential of a vast, even non-cycling audience, of Breaking Belgium, Traci at TeeMcBee extends her expertise to help reach beyond my target audience as well as open new doors for her inventive and expanding business. 

“I am proud to work with Mitch and Breaking Belgium. When I first read of his story I saw a lot of potential. With our partnership, I expect both of our respective projects to thrive. I wish the best of luck to Mitch in his trip to Belgium, and expect nothing less than his best.” 

To get in contact with TeeMcBee go to www.TeeMcBee.com , or join the TeeMcBee Facebook fan page. Traci also offers complimentary 15 minute phone consultation for analysis of your specific needs, and don’t forget to mention Breaking Belgium! 

If you or your business are interested in promoting on Breaking Belgium, please leave a comment.


~ by Mitcholo on December 22, 2009.

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