El Guido

I’m not going to pretend that road cyclists are impervious to certain jokes about our sport, our attire, or our attitude. If anything is tolerated for long enough, it becomes an every day part of life; some deal with it by joining in with the jokes, others bottle it up. I’m one of the former.

However, when all the stereotypes are proliferated by us, not in words, but in actions, especially when cameras are near, it becomes hard to tolerate.  The following post is in response to the events that took place on on Sunday, January 10, 2010.

Team unveiling presentations have always ranged from the obscenely gaudy, to the clean cut business functions, and all points in between. The reason for the team presentation is simple; it’s another way for a sponsor to get their name in the mind of the public by supporting someone or thing that they do too. What better way than to have 25-30 of the best athletes in the world standing still with puffed out chests, representing a sculpture? It’s also a great way for a sports organization to market themselves, gaining fans and sponsors and giving them something to look forward to and support in the coming months.

Flash back to January 10th and the years that went into perfecting the art of the presentation were shot down in one fell swoop by a Spanish team by the name of Footon-Servetto.

Coming soon to Jersey Shore

It’s hard to imagine how one could make something so ugly. To find out what exactly happened, I went to find out a little about the artist, Dario Urzay, a Basque artist. While it looks like he is a renowned painter, it’s very clear that he should stay a far way away from clothing. Claude Monet was a great painter, but that doesn’t mean that I want a flowered landscape on my jersey.

The Man Responsible (center)

By looking at the team, you’d expect them to be a New Jersey-registered team. A cornucopia of hair gel, bronzed skin, tight clothes, and enough gold to make El Dorado look like Detroit brings forth the image of a cheap used car salesman cross-pollinated with a pawn shop owner.

Added to the overcooked look, the color of the clothing is a mile off anything resembling gold, in fact, it reminds me of a certain villain’s attire in a certain 1992 blockbuster.

Danny Devito modeling the new Footon-Servetto team kit

Despite the gaudy colors of the team, I will continue to support them just as I did last year when they had significantly mellowed down attire. With an average age of just 24 years and three national champions (Austria [2], Portugal [1] ), I think they will be a team to house a lot of new talent.

As a quick side note, I also hope that everyone on the team wins a national championship or leader’s jersey so we don’t have to see so much foot on the camera.


~ by Mitcholo on January 13, 2010.

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