More of Myself to Kill

I am my own worst enemy. Every night I die, and every morning I am resurrected. I am my most valuable possession.

Lengthy questions and answers and cheery greetings have been replaced by monosyllabic groans. A fat-rich diet has been replaced by pasta, rice, potatoes and chicken and an arsenal of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Leg veins popping out, razor-sharp tan lines halfway up my legs, and perpetual 3-day stubble on my face have become the norm. 20+ mph headwinds day after day have stopped bothering me, and I’ve stopped caring about whether the day’s race has cobbles, hills, tight turns or even what town it’s in. In fact, I still don’t know where I raced last, and I still don’t know how long each lap was.

Anyways, it’s easy to tell that I’m getting faster. The climbs that I used to labor up now go by faster and more efficiently, but never any easier. The fun has been removed from the cobbled roads as they fit into their place as a regular feature of the landscape. We also can’t forget the irritability that comes with the chemical changes in my body. Spring is truly in the air.

Sometime people ask me what I do with my down time. Besides sleeping and not updating my blog, I usually try to come up with new recipes, piddle through tons of garbage on the internet, or just watch TV. I’d love to read the books that I brought over here (none are about cycling, my brain couldn’t handle it), but my roommates remind me of the home section of a football game. Loud, annoying and exponentially increasing decibel levels.

Onto the subject of cooking, though. It’s my belief that bike racers, and especially ones serious enough to move to a foreign land to race, eat awful food. It’s also my belief that you become less of a person when you eat the same baked potatoes, boiled and spice-less chicken and frozen vegetables for dinner every night. That’s what dogs eat. Food should offer all of the fuel that you need to replenish what you’ve lost, but it should also taste good. What’s stopping you from buying a 50 lbs bag of Purina Bachelor Chow?

So because of this prison food that my brothers are eating, I’ve decided to compile a small cookbook for racers. Healthy, tasty and easy to make meals. It’s gotta be possible, right? Well, I’ll be finding that out.

 I recently discovered that my free time cannot be composed of the same matter as my job (in this case, cycling), otherwise I’d go crazy[er]. I think that cooking is a good medium; Ingredients are cheap and plentiful, I’ve got a full kitchen, and a whole house of people used to eating food that shouldn’t be eaten to begin with. I think this is a recipe for success.





~ by Mitcholo on April 15, 2010.

9 Responses to “More of Myself to Kill”

  1. Great Idea babe! I hoped you would write a book – never even thought about a cookbook – the universe is always working…missing you lots and our breakfast tour, no one ;(( to go with anymore. Love mom

  2. Last year I was there and seen what you guys eat… good for you to spice it up. Thursdays is mart dag good stuff to be had there, and finish the shopping with a pintje cheers

  3. Love the new interest! Wish blogging was PART of your interest too, but I guess any little piece you send is better then nothing. Love that you are expanding your horizons and getting more acclimated to your landscape!

  4. Always start with a little olive oil then add the garlic and onions…Opps sorry! Anyway I had the Pinarrelo out the monday after Easter. It was like I had wings on my back.

  5. Yeah, the acorn doesn’t fall from from the tree….I look forward to your recipes Mitch. BTW, I’ve been printing out your blog entries and sending them to your internet-less grandparents.

  6. They say cycling never gets easier, only faster. Love the updates, thanks, and post a recipe or two here for us all!

  7. Found your blog via Please update your blog. Many of us will never race in Belgium. Books like a dog in a hat and your blog help us to know what it is like. More posts! Don’t worry if the post is not perfect.

  8. lets have some updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Even if you don’t update here all the time, I hope you are keeping a bit of a journal. I think what you are doing is awesome and I am sure your experiences would make a good book if you felt so inclined. Maybe not the New York Times best seller list, but I know a crap ton of cyclists would read it.

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