Half Bike. Half Run. Half Not-So-Good at Maths.

Come on guys, can’t we go a bit slower?

So anybody that knows me by now knows that I dig pain. It hurts really good. I won’t elaborate any further, because you either get what I’m saying or you don’t.

But back to the matter at hand. Cyclocross season has begun, and I’ve begun preparations. I’ve traded long hours in the saddle for 1.5 hour rides of intensity. Sitting down at the cafe went out the door, and now I’m running up a hill or a staircase or some barriers with a bike over my shoulder. Really. Why would anybody do this?

My first time back on the cyclocross bike was pretty embarrassing. I managed to stick with the fastest 5 or so guys on the first lap around Edgewater park, but on the second lap I started degrading, and by the 5th lap, I was all but dead. At one point my friend Mike passes me while we’re running our bikes uphill and calmly calls me a fairy or running so girly. I mean, how does that happen? It was around that point that I gave up all hope and just hit a wall. Now I remember the pain associated with the sport, and I can better deal with it for the first race on Sunday.

Ah well, here’s to closing down a bittersweet road season in Belgium, and opening the door to a successful cyclocross season and beyond.


~ by Mitcholo on September 11, 2010.

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